Tree Disposal Site
Tree Disposal Site

We have an 8-acre tree and brush disposal site where we RECYCLE wood waste material. The wood waste material is processed into a BEAUTIFUL mulch product.

We accept tree and brush drop offs from the public.

  • We accept logs, tree branches, brush, and wood chips.
  • We DO NOT accept trash, grass clippings, dirt, or concrete (trees only).

Please check in at office prior to dumping.


Price Changes Effective February 1, 2019:

  • Pickup Truck: $22
  • Trailer under 10 ft: $22
  • Trailer over 10 ft: $45
  • 1-Axle Truck: $45
  • 2-Axle Truck: $90
  • Side or End Dump: $135

Chips will be charged as wood waste according to the size of load.


The disposal site is located at our facility at 3606 McKinley St.