The Best Time To Buy Mulch

Best time to buy mulch

Mulching your landscape offers a range of benefits that will last all year long – even in the winter months. Knowing how to mulch your yard to prevent weed growth and soil erosion, and retain moisture, as well as when to spread mulch is not complicated. Everyone knows a general time of the year that they should mulch their landscape. However, knowing when the best time to buy mulch is can seem like complex science.

When is The Best Time To Buy Mulch?

The price of a bag of mulch or cubic feet of mulch will increase, and the supply will also dissipate during peak mulching season. While this may not seem like much of a problem, missing out on mulching season can spell disaster for your garden beds and vegetable gardens.

We have some tips on when the best time to buy mulch is so you will get the best price and the best stock.

When Should I Buy Mulch?

The best time to apply mulch to your landscape is mid-to-late spring. Therefore, early spring is the best time to buy mulch. This will allow you to beat the rush on mulch and get it at a much cheaper price than usual.

Buying mulch at the very end of winter when spring mulch sales pop up is a great idea. At this time you just have to be a bit more cautious so that you don’t end up missing out on the opportunity to buy mulch altogether.

Always look at the manufacture date and good-till date on the package before you purchase mulch. While mulch stays good for a long time, it will start to degrade over time. If you plan to mulch in the fall instead and put bags of mulch in storage on your property for six months or more, make sure you factor that into your purchase when checking dates.

Are There Risks In Buying Mulch Too Early?

There are certain risks when buying mulch no matter what action you take. However, as far as organic mulch goes, there is very little to be worried about as long as it is properly stored.

Buying gardening and landscaping supplies during the offseason is the best way to get great value for your dollar and also save time when preparing your land for the upcoming season.

Landscaping supplies such as mulch, fertilizer, actual plants, and other moist items need to be in a generally temperature-controlled space to prevent rot.

Dry storage items such as packaged seeds, de-icers, tools, and even wood chips can be stored anywhere on your property that is free of moisture.

Why Do Mulch Prices Fluctuate?

Any seasonal item, be it road salt, mulch, or even certain plants will always fetch a premium during the peak of its season. The higher demand for an item, the more a store or manufacturer can charge. This is why many shopping-savvy landscapers stock up on various items during the off-season.

For example, if you walked into your local home supply store in the middle of July, chances are you could find de-icing agents in the bargain bin; if they were in stock at all. However, the same item will be much harder to find at a cheap price once December rolls around. The same can be said for the price of mulch and mulch supply during peak season.

Is Mulching That Important?

You may be wondering if mulching your landscape is actually important enough to buy mulch so far in advance.

Spreading a layer of mulch in flower beds is the best way to save water, protect root systems, and enrich the soil. If you have trees, putting down mulch can protect the roots and provide valuable nutrients that will help support healthy growth.

Gardeners know that certain types of mulch can help boost crop development and even support extra growth. In some cases, you can reduce pests and insects on your landscape with proper mulching. As a result, there will be less of a need for harsh pesticides and insecticides. Timely mulching can also help battle erosion and runoff during the rainy season.

Omaha Tree Services – Omaha Mulch Company

At Omaha Tree, we recycle all of our wood waste material from the trees we trim and remove in the greater Omaha metro area. The wood waste material is brought back to our 8-acre site at 3606 McKinley Street, where it is processed into a beautiful & consistent mulch product that is local, fresh, and clean. Contact us today.

Omaha Mulch Prices

Our mulch products are LOCAL, FRESH, CLEAN & CONSISTANT. Our mulch is sold to various nurseries, landscapers & residential homeowners.

$20 per cubic yard

Coffee Brown, Hickory Brown & Black:
$34 per cubic yard

Amber & Red:
$38 per cubic yard

We also offer wholesale pricing and FREE delivery with qualifying purchases of 10 cubic yards or more.

Please contact us for more details.