Mulch Colors


Our superior quality mulch products are processed using the most effective and efficient mulch coloring technology in the world.

This unique process creates an aggressive meshing of wood fiber, colorant & resin that produces a richer deeper color vibrancy.

Superior bonding of colorant & resins provides greater coverage and uniformity as well as better color retention and less runoff.

Our mulch products are LOCAL, FRESH, CLEAN & CONSISTANT.
Our mulch is sold to various nurseries, landscapers & residential homeowners.

We produce both natural and color-enhanced mulches to be picked up at our site or delivered to your home or place of business.

The purpose of mulch

  • Conserves moisture
  • Improves soil fertility
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Enhances visual appeal
  • Keeps lawn mowers & weed eaters away from your trees

Mulch Installation Information

Despite what you may see around town, be careful not to bury the trunk or any exposed root flares when spreading mulch around trees. Mulch retains moisture and will invite a fungus to the base of the tree, which will result in rotting, dying, or falling over.

Mulch Calculator

Mulch Prices

$28 per cubic yard

Coffee Brown, Hickory Brown & Black:
$38 per cubic yard

Amber & Red:
$38 per cubic yard

Pick-Up & Delivery Available

Please contact us for more details.