Tree Removal and Stump Grinding in Omaha

Trimming & Pruning

No limb should be cut without a strategic purpose that is primarily focused on improving the HEALTH, BEAUTY & SAFETY of your tree.

A Professional Arborist should always practice and maintain PROPER PRUNING TECHNIQUES to avoid excessive rips, tears & wounds and all limbs should be finished cut back to the branch collar to maximize the potential for healing.

What We Look For When Pruning Your Trees

  • Dead, dying & diseased limbs as well as any stubs
  • Crowded or rubbing limbs
  • Any hazards such as cracked or broken limbs
  • We prune to increase light & airflow through the inside of the tree canopy
  • We elevate the canopy where necessary.
  • We elevate for vision, balance, mowing clearance, and over structures(chimney, gutters, etc.)
  • We trim approx. 6 feet over structures, 8 feet over sidewalks, and 16 feet over streets.
  • While trimming your trees, we keep in mind the aesthetics and integrity of each & every tree as they differ in size, type, and location in the landscape