When To Have a Tree Removed?

When to have a tree removed

Trees bring a lot of beauty to a landscape. In addition, trees are very beneficial. For this reason, it can be difficult to part with them. However, to an untrained eye, a tree might look healthy, but it might just be a disaster waiting to occur. Removing a tree is often the last resort. This is done when there is no other option such as disease mitigation or pruning available. Dying, dead, or other hazardous trees can cause a lot of damage, not to mention the potential costs of personal injuries. As a homeowner and owner of trees, you are responsible for any type of damage or injury that happens as a result of a tree that should be removed from being left standing. How do you decide when to have a tree removed?

When To Have Tree Removed?

Here are some things that you should look for that indicate it might be time to have a professional inspect your tree and possibly remove it.

Signs You Need a Professional

If you see cracks, crown dieback, discolored or misshapen leaves, wood that is soft or crumbly, or fungi on a tree, there is a chance that your tree is infected with disease. Other signs are emergence holes, woodpeckers feeding heavily on the tree, and feeding galleries.

If you see large dead or dying tree branches in the crown, it is a sign that you should have the tree checked out. These large branches are often referred to as widow makers. If the large tree branches fall for no reason they can injure someone seriously. If half of the tree has damaged or dead branches, it should likely be removed to be safe.

Another thing to consider is if the tree is simply not growing well. Look at the vigor and health of the tree compared to the other trees around it. Stunted growth, discolored foliage, and thin leaf color are all signs that the tree is suffering. The reason for this may need a professional to diagnose.

Root defects are often not noticed easily. However, fungi growing close to the base of the tree and heaving soil can both be signs of root issues.

Cracks in the trees or other forms of rot are also indicative of a problem.

Large Tree Removal

If you have a tree that is dead and possibly dangerous, having it removed is important. Removing a tree is something that you should call a professional in to do. Tree removal can be difficult to do on your own. Unless the tree is relatively small and there is nothing in the path of it falling, a professional tree removal service is the way to go.

A professional certified arborist will be able to tell you the best option for the tree that you are concerned about. There is a chance that the tree you think needs to be taken down just needs to be treated.

Omaha Tree Services

At Omaha Tree, we recycle all of our wood waste material from the trees we trim and remove in the greater Omaha metro area. The wood waste material is brought back to our 8-acre site at 3606 McKinley Street, where it is processed into a beautiful & consistent mulch product that is local, fresh, and clean. Contact us today.