Trimming and Pruning


Trimming & Pruning

We will remove all dead, dying, and diseased limbs.  For the bigger trees, we will remove only the one-inch and larger dead limbs, except where clusters of smaller dead limbs exist. We remove crowded and/or rubbing limbs and any hazards that may exist, such as cracked or broken limbs.  We will also remove any stubs. We may also prune to increase light and air penetration to the inside of the tree’s crown or to the landscape below when necessary.

We elevate the crown where necessary, including some downward and/or heavy branch tips.  We elevate for vision, balance, mowing clearance and over structures (chimney,  gutters, etc.).  We trim approximately 6 feet over structures, 8 feet over sidewalks, and 16 feet over streets, while keeping in mind, the aesthetics and integrity of each and every tree as they differ in size, type and location in the landscape. All work is performed by trained Omaha tree pruning professionals using proper pruning techniques to ensure the HEALTH, BEAUTY and SAFETY of your trees.


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